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The Elementary School Poster Contest is open to all 5th graders in Escambia and Santa Rosa County public or private schools as well as students who are at the equivalent grade level of Home Schooling.  The program is intended to stimulate interest in the history of the Revolutionary War at the 5th grade level to correspond with Florida’s current Social Studies curriculum.  Students create a 22″ x 28″ poster with their personal touch based on a subject determined at the state level by the Florida SAR Americanism Youth Contests Committee.

The winner at the chapter level is awarded a cash prize and is eligible to compete in a Florida State SAR Poster contest for additional prize money. State winners are then eligible for the national contest.

The topic for each school year is determined later in the calendar year after school has started again.  For academic years ending in even numbers, the general theme is “Revolutionary War Events.” For academic years ending in odd numbers, the general theme is “Revolutionary War Person or Persons.”  This page will be updated with the topic once it has been announced by the State Committee. Please be sure to check back here for this year’s specific Florida topic before your child creates their poster.

The Poster Contest Topic for the 2023-2024 school year is:

The Boston Tea Party

The deadline to enter this contest at the chapter level is March 15.  Please contact the Pensacola Youth Contests Committee Chairman via the Contest Interest form on this page.  Please use the “Elementary Poster Contest” for the Contest selection.

Elementary School Poster Contest Information Packet  

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