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The George and Stella Knight Essay Contest is conducted in three phases: the local chapter, state-level society, and national phases. The contest must be entered through an SAR chapter near the student’s residence which in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties would be the Pensacola Chapter. Only one entry per student is permitted per contest year. 

To participate, students must submit an original 800- to 1,200-word essay based on an event, person, philosophy or ideal associated with the American Revolution, Declaration of Independence, or the framing of the United States Constitution. Each student’s essay will be judged based upon its historical accuracy, clarity, organization, grammar and spelling, and documentation.

Contest entries must be submitted as PDF files via email.  The essay must have four parts: 1) title page, 2) essay pages, 3) bibliography or works cited, and 4) applicant’s biography. The title page, bibliography, and applicant’s biography must be listed on separate pages and no reference to the applicant’s name or information can be part of the essay pages or bibliography. Please follow these rules exactly. Essays that do not conform to the rules may be immediately disqualified.

A complete set of rules, along with the application, can be found at the link below.

Please be aware that the 2023 application deadline for the Chapter level contest is December 20, 2023.  All entries must be received by this date to allow for judging before sending the local winner on to the state level.  If you have any questions, or would like to inquire about entering the contest, please use the interest form on this page.

Essays should be emailed to:

We look forward to receiving your entry!

Knight Essay Complete Rules

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